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Distinct Autoniq Features

Global Market Report

Our Global Market Report (previously "Market Report") shows actual wholesale auction pricing for vehicles sold. It is a combination of the individual transaction level wholesale data from all major wholesale and independent auctions. It covers approximately 95% of wholesale vehicles auctioned in the United States.


Autoniq Profit Guide

Do you need a source of information that can help you purchase the vehicles that are selling best in your local market? Or, a guide to tell you which vehicles have the highest profit for a given sales price?

Now you can easily determine this information with Autoniq's exclusive Profit Guide.

For the first time, you get real profitability insights on how vehicles perform in your local market. At a glance, you can review sale price, cost and days to sell information by vehicle.

You can also examine individual transactions with data is updated weekly from over 4,000 dealerships.

We have created a Quick Start Guide to help you understand these changes and get the most out of this newly formatted report. Below are just a couple of screenshots demonstrating the feature:


Screenshot of the Profit Guide in the mobile app
Screenshot of Additional Analytics in the moble app


Why Does Profit and Sell Through Velocity Matter?

Two things are key in the car business:

  1. How much margin you can make on a sale
  2. How long it takes to make a sale
For a dealership it's all about putting money to work. Money is the "engine" that generates profit. The faster you turn inventory, the faster you free up money to buy another car and generate more profit. For the first time, Autoniq's exclusive Profit Guide enables the dealer to determine Profit and Sell Through Velocity for each vehicle in their local market.

Look at how it can work for you:


Info graphic about why selling through velocity matters