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Getting the Most from Autoniq

Navigation Tips

Change Retail/Wholesale/Trade-in Values

To flip through Wholesale/Retail/Trade-in Pricing Guide values click on the blue link in the upper left corner.

Change Region/National Values

To change from Regional to National values click on the blue link in the upper right corner.

Sorting Market Report Values

To sort Market Report values click on the blue column headers.

Year/Make/Model Navigation

To quickly navigate backwards click the appropriate blue header

"Jump" to the top of any page (iPhone/iPad only)

To quickly navigate to the top of the page click the title bar of the screen.

Price Evaluator

Easily go back and scan another vehicle

After scanning a vehicle tap the Scan button to scan another vehicle.

Better keyboard

Manually enter VINs on the main Price Evaluator page using our customized VIN Scanner keyboard with bigger keys. Or, click the input field and use your phone's standard keyboard.

Add Photos

You can add photos for your vehicle by clicking the "Click to Add Photos" button.

Enter more vehicle information

You can add vehicle color, mileage, lane, run number and notes. You are not required to enter this information. If it's included in an auction's run list, the mileage, lane and run numbers are automatically posted for you.

Find Similar Vehicles Button

You've booked a vehicle, you can find similar vehicles in the auction run lists with a single click. Autoniq automatically finds the vehicles for you.

Saving vehicles to custom lists

Use generic lists A, B and C to categorize vehicles any way you choose. For example, track current inventory in "A", vehicles bought for another dealer in "B" and vehicles to inspect in "C". To add a vehicle to a list(s) tap the A, B or C button. Go to My Vehicles page to view these lists.

Purchased button

Tag a vehicle to the Purchased list. See these vehicles listed on the My Vehicles page.

E-Mail vehicle information

Click on the Email button to email the Price Evaluator information. You can enter up to 30 e-mail addresses, which are saved automatically. Select the book values, vehicle history information and notes to include in the email and then click Send Email at the bottom of the page. The recipient receives the email with a link to the information you sent. The link remains active for 14 days.

When emailing a Price Evaluator report you may include Photos, Pricing Guide information and Vehicle History reports.

Online Bidding

If you've selected a vehicle from an online auction, you'll be presented with the option to bid on them vehicle. Clicking the Bid Now button will open a web browser and take you to the online auction. For each online auction, you must have appropriate credentials for the auction in order to bid.

Find Vehicles

To find vehicles make appropriate selections for Years, Makes, Models, Series, Styles and Mileage and then click the Find Vehicles button.

You will see a list of auctions with vehicles that match your search criteria. You can then "drill down" and view the specific vehicles. These searches are saved automatically in the Search History.

To select a specific mileage range, click "All" and then select the minimum and maximum mileage.

Search History

Lists your prior searches. Click a prior search to find the vehicles based on current auction inventory.

Delete Search History Entries

1.Tap the check box for each search entry you want to delete. 2.Click the red X to delete.

To delete all searches hold your finger on the X for 3 seconds then click OK.

Filter List

To filter the search list enter some relevant characters in the filter box. For example, to only see Cadillac CTS searches, enter "cts" in the filter box.

My Vehicles


Shows the last 200 vehicles scanned, manually entered or booked out through the Price Evaluator. You can filter, delete or export vehicles to Excel spreadsheet (export available only when using a PC).

Vehicle History Reported

Shows the last 200 vehicles where a vehicle history report was delivered.

Added to Auction Wish List

Shows vehicles you added to a Wish List by clicking the button shown above in Price Evaluator. This button appears only when viewing a vehicle from an Auction run list. If you want to save a vehicle that's not on an auction run list, use the A, B or C custom list buttons.


Shows a list of vehicles you've e-mailed.


Shows a list of vehicles where you checked the "Purchased" button.

Lane/Run Specified

Shows a list of vehicles with available Lane and Run information.

My List A, B, C

Shows your custom A, B or C list. You can use the generic A, B and C lists any way you choose. For example, you can track current inventory in "A" vehicles you bought for another dealer in "B" and vehicles you want to inspect in "C". To add the vehicle you're viewing in Price Evaluator to one of these lists just click the A, B or C button.

Filter list

Enables you to instantly filter any list by entering a few letters of the filter criteria. For example, to see only Cadillac CTS vehicles, enter "cts" in the filter box:

Delete vehicles

1.Tap the check box for each entry you want to delete. 2.Click the red X to delete.

Export to Microsoft Excel

If you are using a PC you can export your lists by tapping a green Excel button. This functionality is not available for mobile users.


All Auctions

Choose online auctions or brick and mortar auctions by state, city and date. The vehicle list displays the scheduled auction time, the run number, mileage and color. Selecting a vehicle shows the Price Evaluator information for that vehicle.

Auction Wish Lists

Every auction has its own Wish List by date, where you can save specific vehicles. To access your Wish List navigate to the specific auction and sale date. Then click the Wish List button.

Add vehicles to a Wish List

Select an auction then navigate to a specific vehicle. Click the button shown below on the the Price Evaluator page.

Sorting a Wish List

Once you've navigated to a Wish List you can sort the list alphabetically, by time or lane by repeatedly clicking the sort button shown below:

Highlighted vehicles

Vehicles on your Wish List are highlighted in green.

Recent Auctions

A history of the last auctions viewed. Enables you to easily go back and continue viewing a run list, even if you scanned a vehicle and navigated away.

Auction Filters

You can filter auction run lists to view only specific vehicles. By selecting Show Filtered Auctions you will see a list of prior vehicle searches (from Find Vehicles). You can select one or more searches or you can create a new search by selecting the + button. Once you select one or more searches, click the Show Auctions button.

This feature may appear complicated at first but it's very powerful. By using filters, you can quickly find and view only the vehicles you are looking to purchase.

Filter List

Enables you to instantly filter any list by entering a few letters of the filter criteria. For example, to see only Cadillac CTS vehicles, enter "cts" in the filter box:

Message Center

Important messages about system status or other information related to your Autoniq service are posted here. You are alerted to the messages by a red exclamation mark on the Message Center button

Vehicle Histories

Enter or paste a VIN

You can enter a VIN and get a full VHR. The entry box will turn green when you've entered a valid VIN.

You can even paste a long text string, which you copied from an SMS or Email, and we'll automatically find the VIN in the text for you.

Search VHRs

Using the filter field you can search your prior VHRs by vehicle year, make, model or VIN.

Easier Access

Each VHR is date and time stamped so you can quickly and easily scroll through the list to find a particular vehicle.

My Account


Update email, phone number, CARFAX and/or AutoCheck credentials

Change region and default settings for pricing guides

Payment Information

Update CC info.

Account Details

A listing of pertinent account information.

Market Report Codes

4WD Column:

4 4 Wheel Drive or All Wheel Drive
D Diesel
B Both 4WD and Diesel
Blank None of the above

Sale Column:

A AS IS These are vehicles in poor condition. They are sold at auction because the vehicle is not worth repairing for a particular dealer. These vehicles can be assumed to be in rough condition.
D Dealer Sales at dealer auctions can be made to any registered auction customer. The vehicles sold are those which the dealer feels he/she cannot sell on his/her lot. The vehicles sold at dealer auctions are typically clean to average condition.
F Fleet/Lease Sales at Fleet/Lease auctions are open to all registered auction customers. Fleet vehicles are ones used by a fleet company (i.e. rental car companies). These vehicles are typically the cleanest at the auction.
M Manufacturer Sales at manufacturer/factory auctions are only open to dealers with franchises of the specific manufacturer and division. These vehicles are predominantly manufacturer buy backs from rental companies.
R Repossession These vehicles vary in condition from clean to rough. The agency holding the title will take cars they had to repose and try to get as much as they can for the vehicle.
S Salvage Salvage sales are vehicles that have been "totaled" and are sold at auction to simply get rid of them. Typically, these vehicles are purchased for parts.
U Unknown The reporting auction failed to correctly identify the sale type.

Enter/Update CARFAX or AutoCheck

  1. Open the Autoniq VIN Scanner and tap Autoniq Home
  2. Enter your Autoniq User ID and Password if prompted
  3. Click on My Account then Settings
  4. Scroll down and enter your CARFAX and/or AutoCheck credentials where indicated

AutoCheck Cannot Be Displayed

  1. Go to AutoCheck Members Site
  2. Enter your AutoCheck Customer ID and Password and click Submit
  3. Click Help
  4. Click Manage Your Account
  5. Click Change for AutoCheck Fast Link
  6. Click AutoCheck Fast Link on every vehicle

Slow Connectivity

  1. Turn off "Airplane Mode"
  2. Turn off Wi-Fi
  3. Make sure you're not covering the phone's antenna with your hand (antenna placement varies by handset, please consult the online instruction manual for your phone)

Forgot User ID or Password?

Click the Forgot password? link, enter your email address and we'll instantly send your User ID and Password.

Improve Battery Life

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi networks
  2. Turn off GPS
  3. Use 3G networks instead of 4G
  4. After viewing information always close the phone's screen by clicking the power button once to make the screen go dark
  5. Consider purchasing an extended battery
  6. Restart the phone and ensure Autoniq is the only running application
  7. Ensure your email downloads new mail only when connected to Wi-Fi networks

These steps vary by phone. For additional instructions please consult the online manual for your phone or consult your phone store.