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Expert Pricing Guides

Our single sign-in gives you access to pricing guides like Black Book, Kelley Blue Book, NADA, and more.

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Trusted Market Reports

Autoniq’s exclusive profit guide provides actual sale price, cost, and days-to-sell for your local wholesale and retail market.
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Detailed Vehicle Histories

No need to visit a separate site to view CARFAX or AutoCheck histories. Purchase any two pricing guides and receive free integration with your existing accounts.

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Fast and Accurate VIN Scanner

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it fumbling with those other scanners. Ours is fast, easy, and provides accurate information on the spot.

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Auction Run List

You’ll find wholesale inventory lists for all major auction houses including ADESA, Manheim and many independents.

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Easy and Affordable

See key data on one page, no tabbing required. Our layout is designed with the mobile user in mind. No need to download software or hardware. And best of all, it won’t break your budget.

One Source for Vehicle Valuations

One Source for Vehicle Valuations

Instantly access information from the Autoniq Profit Guide, NADA, Galves, Black Book Daily, Kelley Blue Book, Autoniq Market Report, and Manheim Market Report.

Integrate your existing CARFAX® or Autocheck® account with a purchase of any two pricing guides.*

Free access to ADESA, Manheim, SmartAuction, AuctionPipeline and ServNet run lists and inventory when purchasing any pricing guide.

No Contracts and cancel anytime.

*All CARFAX® and/or AutoCheck® fees still apply based upon your existing dealer agreement with those services. You will still be charged for each report you run unless you have an unlimited account with CARFAX® or AutoCheck®.