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autoniq® offers vehicle evaluations, real-time market data, and valuable insights from industry trusted sources to help automotive professionals buy and sell better.

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Where pricing meets trust


dealers trust autoniq®


physical and online inventory sources

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rooftop and annual discounts available

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Expert Pricing Guides

View reliable and independent data from industry leaders such as Black Book, Galves, J.D. Power, and Kelley Blue Book to help make strategic purchasing and pricing decisions.

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autoniq® All-Inclusive Selections

Enhance your car-buying with autoniq®'s top products - autoniq® Profit Guide, Retail Index, and Market Report. Gain smarter insights for better decisions.

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Detailed Vehicle Histories

Seamless integration into CARFAX® and AutoCheck® for comprehensive vehicle history reporting.

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Trusted Market Reports

Evaluate market trends with detailed transaction data from Manheim Market Report and ADESA Market Guide (AMG).


Quicker decisions during a simulcast sale

In simulcast sales, autoniq® delivers a competitive edge. Our real-time pricing keeps you synced and perfectly
timed for the fast-paced auction action. Simply login to autoniq® within your simulcast platform.

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Expert decisions at your fingertips

Auction inventory

Access to inventories from over 500 auction locations, along with available photos and condition data. Browse upcoming inventory, from ADESA, Edge Pipeline, Manheim, OPENLANE, OVE, SmartAuction, and many more auctions.

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Evaluate auction vehicles

Navigate quickly through runlists from the Price Evaluator page. Evaluate auction vehicles, add them to lists, and add your own notes and photos all in one place. Get unlimited evaluations and access to over 300k vehicles on average with autoniq® subscriptions.

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VIN scanner

autoniq®’s VIN Scanner reads barcodes and QR codes so you can easily get accurate information on the spot whether it's at the auction or on the lot.

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A user-centric interface with personalized features

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Filter Vehicles

Search auctions for a specific Make and Model. Filter by year, trim, odometer range, distance, and more.

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Photos and Notes

Save your own vehicle photos, notes, and selections in the Price Evaluator page.

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Track and organize your evaluated cars with wish lists that suit your business.

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Printable Book Sheets

Customize, export and print book sheets for customers and lenders.

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Share Vehicles

Share evaluations with customers by text or email. They don’t need an account to view shared vehicles.

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Linked Accounts for Teams

Link your autoniq® account with others’ at your dealership to view lists and notes made by your team.

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